Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This and That....

Thank you all for your prayers and concerns, sorry its been so long since I posted. A couple days after my last post the biological mother ran off to North Carolina, somewhere along the coast, and we have not heard from her since Saturday, August 21, 2010. The first two weeks was very hard and devastating. I was so depressed I couldn't bring myself to do anything. When all of this happened I was in the middle of working on the floor in the baby's room. I had baby furniture all over the house. After about two weeks, I came out of my depression and I had more energy than I've ever had my whole life. I finished the floor in the baby's room, moved all the furniture back, got everything set up in there, painted and completely redecorated the bathroom, and redecorated the kitchen. I done all of this in a matter of a few days. I also put all my energy into keeping a very clean house, this lasted several weeks, but has now worn off.

My Husband left for a business trip this morning, so he will be gone till late this evening. I plan to do a really thorough cleaning of the house today, visit my Dad and Grandparents, and maybe some arts and crafts. I have been making various things, such as baby blankets, belly bands, holiday wreaths and center pieces, knitted baby caps, headbands(picture above), bows and decorated baskets, and I've also been finding some yard sale type items around the house. My sister-in-law and I are planning to go sale at the flea market in a few weeks, which has been a dream of mine for quiet some while. Hopefully we do good, and can go back regularly. I'm going to try to make hair-bows and maybe container candles before we go also.