Friday, March 9, 2012

Pregnancy Update

I found out that I am 7 weeks today! And due October 26! I have been nauseous and tired, which is well expected with pregnancy. But my tailbone has also been hurting, which I was not expecting, but after asking around I hear its a common complaint.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm Pregnant!!!

We are finally expecting a baby after all these years! I just wanted to thank all of you for your prayers for us to conceive! God is good and he does give you the desires of your heart!

I took my first pregnancy test last Thursday and there was a tiny faint line that you could hardly see, so we were not for sure. But I thanked God in faith for this pregnancy that he had blessed me with. We took another pregnancy test the very next day, Friday. Again the line was faint and we were not sure, but I still thanked God for this blessing and had faith that he had blessed me with child. I took my third pregnancy test yesterday and the line was darker now, but still about only half of the darkness of the control line, but I knew that God had blessed me and I cried and I thanked him for this child that he has given me.

I went for a blood test yesterday to check my HCG level and I just got the results back this morning! My HCG level was 705! They said that I was well past 3 weeks and in between 4 and 5 weeks! I think I am about 4 weeks taking into consideration my last period and the time it takes to ovulate.

I am so happy! Please continue to pray that I have a healthy normal pregnancy, a good healthy delivery, and a healthy and happy baby!