Friday, April 30, 2010

Strange Reactions

We finally told everyone in our family, we couldn't wait until the next appointment which is a week from today. Some family members were extremely excited and others weren't happy at all. I had some that were happy and excited until we told them we were adopting, then they were like no, don't adopt, whats wrong with you?.... About half of the people we told acted like it was the most horrible sin we could ever commit. I wasn't expecting these types of reactions, they almost had me in tears. I told one family member, "Well, my husband, me, and they baby will all just be happy together, even if no one else is." What is wrong with people today? Why can't the just see that ALL children are a blessing from the Lord?!


Jeannette said...

I am so sorry hun. You are so right that they are all gifts from God. I was adopted. Had my parents not been as loving as you are I would have been in the system my entire life. I am sure they will come around once they see that sweet baby.

Chicks in the City said...

We got the same type of mixed reactions from friends and family. People even left our lives over our decision. So strange! You are so wise to just focus on the blessing of your baby - however God chooses to send her to you. We have never regretted a second of our decision to adopt. Many blesses from our family to yours.