Friday, April 1, 2011

Yard Sale-ing

My sister-in-law and I started yard sale-ing the first week of November. We sold up until the first week of December, then it got too cold. We did pretty good during this time. We also found out what sold good for us and what didn't. I have figured out that you either need a professional looking table with all new stuff, or just yard sale stuff. When you try to do a mix of both, the new or homemade stuff just don't sell. I have done the best at selling used clothes for $1 or $2 for each piece.

We started sale-ing again the second week of March and sold for three consecutive Fridays. We have done horrible so far this year and have decided to wait until the weather warms up. I have only made $25 in the past three weeks we went to sale. So, counting my gas there and back and food, it hasn't been worth it. Hopefully, we'll do better when warmer weather comes!

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