Saturday, November 1, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We have been back in our house for one week exactly now, even though it is still not complete. We still need paneling and baseboards in the living room, paint through out the entire house, carpets steam cleaned, house siding, decks, and stairs pressure washed, and all decks and stairs sealed. We are so happy to be back in our home! Since we've been home, my old routines from my mothers house no longer work for me here. So I will be making new routines within the next week and will probably post them here. I'm also in the process of a complete makeover to my home management binder!

My mother is currently living with us. She is wanting a divorce from her husband (my step-father). Although I'm not sure if she'll go through with it or not. She left him this past Sunday (due to circumstances I will not discuss on this blog), its been almost a week now. Doesn't seem like its been that long, time passes by so quickly these days.

A friend and I are currently discussing the possibility of studying the bible together. I'm so excited about this! We are thinking of starting from the very beginning in Genesis and working our way all through Revelations. Our plan is to read a certain number of chapters per day, and every day have a brief discussion about those chapters. We haven't got all the details worked out yet, but hopefully we can get started this coming week.


Traci said...

Hello! I'm glad you are back in your house.

A friend and I started a Bible study 6 years ago w/ Gen. forward 6 years and we are .......are you sure you want to know?......we are on 2 Chron.

We meet once a WEEK and read at least ONE chapter....sometimes more. We have the Life Application Bibles with the foot notes on how to apply it to your life.....LOVE IT!!!

My only suggestion would be read it CHRONOLOGICALLY......when we started, we didn't realize that it wasn't in ORDER....rofl.

We have grown so much during these past 6 years...and I say most of it is from the Bible study....when you do a curric., if you miss a week or two, you feel like you've missed the whole book. When you use just the Bible, it is like a soap opera, you can jump right back in.

We started w/ 2 and have had as many as 20 on any given Thursday. We average 7 - 10 a week. We meet from 9:30 - 11:30 a.m.

Ok, that was a long comment...sorry....I'm glad to find your blog and that you are getting back to normal.

SaChay said...

Thank you so much Traci!!! You were my first comment! I'm new to blogging so I don't know how it all works yet! I will take up your suggestion on reading chronologically and I'll look into a life application Bible. I feel that I have been stuck in the baby stage of being a Christian for a very long time, and I just now feel that I'm beginning to grow in the Lord and I need all the prayer and support I can get.