Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Successful Day

  • Today was such a successful Day!
  • I got the baby quilt finished! Pictures coming soon!
  • I planted five hanging baskets of strawberries! Yum!
  • I got started on a matching sewing tote and machine cover!
  • Successful Days Are So Wonderful!
  • Don't you love it when you feel like you've got a lot accomplished?


Karen said...

BABY QUILT?! Are you pregnant?!

SaChay said...

No, I wish! lol It was for a friend, I wrote about it in a previous post. I gave it to her at her baby shower last Saturday.

Karen said...

Oh OK, I must have missed that one! I also wanted to share with you a book I'm reading called Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition by Marilyn M. Shannon. It talks about infertility and why we might have trouble getting pregnant. I haven't had that problem, but I have also been on the Pill for a long long time (which I'm off now). I'm having many problems with that and am hoping this book can provide me with some relief without anymore prescriptions, hormones, or hysterectomy.

Anyway, you might want to consider buying it. It looks like a wonderful resource. I don't know what your situation is as far as your health, but most of us don't even know ourselves! I'm actually going to try to cleanse my body of toxins and see how that makes me feel. I hear that a toxic colon can have some really bad effects on the other organs around it, including ovaries and uterus (if you think about it, they are very close together!!).

Good luck and God bless you!!