Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Week Of Journaling: Sunday

Not much happened today. Hubby and I slept in, I didn't feel well.

I decided to try something new, Sweet Potatoes! I baked them in my aroma oven on 300 degrees F for about an hour. They baked so well, when I got them out, the skin just peeled right off! First I tried them plain. They tasted okay, but not great. So I decided to add butter and brown sugar. Then tasted them again. I didn't like them at all with the butter and brown sugar! Hubby refused to even try a sweet potato....

A server messed up where Hubby works and he had to go in for about an hour. While he was at the office I fixed Cajun Chicken Alfredo, so yummy! I had it ready for him when he got home! He fixed the on site problems and then came home to finish the rest of the work remotely.

I managed to run to Big Lots, they were having a store wide 20% off sale. I just bought a few items, toilet paper, puppy pads, and a few other things. I would have loved to have been able to afford some of their furniture! I forgot to get a loaf of bread while I was there, so I stopped by a store close to the house.

Later I fixed BBQ pork sandwiches for dinner and washed dishes. Hubby and I started watching a movie, I was too tired to finish it and hopefully we'll finish it tomorrow. Hubby is still working and I'm off to bed!

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Traci said...

Sachay...thanks for stopping by again. For some reason, my menu board won't erase like it needs going to have to rip out the picture and replace w/ a board! arrrggghhh....oh well, live and learn!