Monday, July 20, 2009

A Week Of Journaling: Monday

Hubby ended up working all night last night, he went to bed sometime this morning and was called bright and early to fix another problem that he was able to handle from home. Since he worked about 15 hours yesterday, they gave him today off. After fixing the problem he went back to bed and slept in quite late today.

While he slept, I sewed. I made a dress last week, and it was absolutely hideous! lol It was just the wrong style for me. It looked like a giant Hawaiian moo moo. So not flattering. The arm holes were gigantic, they went all the way to my waist. And two other people probably could have fit into it with me! lol So I decided I would cut off the bottom and gather the skirt. Then I cut and seamed down the top and arms quiet a bit, and added another pleat at the bottom of the bodice. Then I sewed the top and bottom together and WaLa! A whole new dress!

Hubby woke up and we watched some more of the movie that we had started yesterday. I heated up some left over BBQ pork and we had BBQ pork sandwiches for lunch.

My Mom came over for dinner and visited with us for a little while. After she left Hubby got called into work again for about an hour. I tided up the house a bit and finished sewing a lining for a sewing bag that I'm currently making. I now have the exterior, interior, and handle finished, just got to put them all together now! When Hubby got home we finally finished our movie and watched another one. And now its time to sleep!

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Stephanie said...

Just wanted to say it's nice to see young people (well younger than me, I'm 33 lol) desiring the life God intended for us as helpmeets. It's refreshing. :)