Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cake Balls

Have you ever heard of cake balls? I hadn't until back in July when I went to my Best Friends Baby Shower. Her Shower was catered and one of the items were decadent little Cake Balls. I have been dreaming of them ever since. I haven't found a place locally to buy them, but online you can buy them at The Cake Ball Company. But you'll be hurting financially after buying some there, 36 cost $80! So, either tomorrow or Tuesday I'm going to try my hand at making some. And I'll blog my recipe and experience so you don't have to spend your whole grocery budget on one little treat! I bought the ingredients tonight at our local Walmart for a total of $6.33. That is a whole lot cheaper than $80 for pre-made ones!


Jenna said...

They sound delicious, SaChay! I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes...I might need to try some myself:)


Traci said...

Ewwww...don't make the cake balls, they aren't worth the effort it takes to make my opinion. You have to keep freezing the dough or it gets all crumbly in the chocolate.

Oh and on the picture of Regan...she isn't sad in that picture...she was just kissing him. She didn't cry at all, just said goodbye.... Now my middle daughter...that is another story. When an animal makes the sale, you can't pull him out....that is part of the showing life.

Jenna said...

How are you doing, SaChay? Been thinking about you and just thought I'd check in:)

SaChay said...

I'm doing good. School and all my other responsibilities are just keeping me so busy. Thanks for checking on me! :)

HD said...

Just stopping by...the cake balls are fun. Try to use a slightly more bland frosting (or less of it) otherwise they're very (overly) sweet.
You'll end up with a boatload--but they freeze well. Good luck!