Friday, March 6, 2009

Birthday Gifts from My Husband

This is what my Husband got me for my Birthday!

He was so sweet! He said, "I hate getting you flowers, because they always die."

The he pulled this out, "Now, they don't have to!"

Wasn't that sweet?

He also got me a nice card and wrote something sweet inside!

Aren't they beautiful?

Flowers are my favorite gift!

So, this is what I did today.

The instructions on the bag said to pat it down firm.

Should I have patted it down firm?
Maybe it was a little too firm!
The rose wouldn't go in.

So I poked a hole with my finger.

That worked.

There multiplying! lol

Giving them some water.

Had to add some more soil.

I made a mess!

My baby waited and watched out the door the whole time!

Have any of you ever used Take Root?
This was my first time using it.
I sure hope it works!


Mademoiselle Baudelaire said...

I love recieving flowers also.

I grow cuttings from rose bushes also, but regretably your darling's cut flowers might not take.

The above website explains how to grow cuttings better than I can word it, I hope you have some luck, I find it a very rewarding feeling to nurture plants from so delicate a process! Happy Birthday!

SaChay said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes! I went and read that web site, thanks for sharing it with me. It doesn't sound too good for my roses since they came from a florist and I probably crowed them. But I still have hope! And if it doesn't work I'll try again! With my own cuttings next time.

Traci said...

Yes, I know it works on geraniums...don't know about roses. I had a friend whose husband got her 12 rose BUSHES....for Valentine's....isn't that precious? You have a sweetie.

SaChay said...

I've heard of people using it on geraniums also. I sure hope it works on my roses! I still have hope! Tomorrow will make one week since I planted them and there pretty droopy and most or the roses are hard and crunchy, but some of the steams are still bright green and there are some little buds on them that look like they are gonna sprout leaves. So, I'm still holding out and keeping my hope alive! lol That is really sweet about the 12 rose bushes! He can be sweet sometimes, lol.

Elizabeth Rose said...

I can't wait to find out how your roses turn out. I have a couple of roses that my husband gave me for my birthday about a month ago. I had them sitting in water near the window and I noticed when I was throwing them out that some of them had started to grow new leaves. So I threw away all of the dried up ones and kept the ones that were growing new leaves. So far they still seem to be alive. Every now and then I lift them out of the water to see if they have any roots but so far I haven't seen any. I'll have to go check out that website!