Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Starting Seeds for Indoors

This is a project I've been wanting to do all month! But I've been busy with errands to run. We have too many errands during the months of February and March. To name a few there are Income Tax, deadlines for college paperwork, and Property Taxes to be paid, I feel like I just run, run, run these two months. I even ran a few errands today concerning paperwork for our Home Owners Insurance Claim, we still haven't got that completely taken care of yet. Its drug out for 10 months now! Hopefully it will all be taken care of soon. But I finally managed in some time for making me some homemade indoor plant starters, sort of like the Jiffy things, but the frugal way! lol

Seeds, Tray, Bucket, and Water.

Toilet Paper Rolls

Cut them in half.

I labeled all of them, so I wouldn't forget what I planted.

This was left over from my last project.

Pouring the soild into the water.

Stirring with a stick.

Now it gets messy!

All filled up!I poked holes in them all with my finger.

I put about three seeds in each, only two in the ones with larger seeds.

Covered them over.

Here they are!
Now they are resting in my window seat in the kitchen.
I got this idea from Nancy Today! I love watching her videos!
You can learn so much from her!


Jenna said...

Looks awesome!!!

SaChay said...

I hope they grow, we don't get much sunlight at our house. Our neighbor blocks all our sun with a big 30 privacy wall. I think it should be illegal. lol Grass won't even grow on that side of the house. I'm thinking about getting a plant light.

SaChay said...

30 foot privacy wall* maybe I'll post pictures of it one day.

Elizabeth Rose said...

That is such a great method! I wish I'd known about it a few weeks ago. I'm going to have to start saving up our toilet paper rolls so I can try it with my next batch of seedlings after I use up the Jiffy boxes. I can't wait to see how your seedlings turn out!

Traci said...

Oh....I love that idea...going to start saving my rolls now!!! Sheesh, feels like FOREVER since I've been on your blog...I'm so glad the stockshows are over...now I can get back to blog hopping again!!!

SaChay said...

Their growing great! I really need to do an update!