Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthday Stuff

Yesterday was my 21st Birthday. My Mom brought me a cake, and later last night my Mom and Step Dad took me to the local Mexican Restaurant, Its my favorite! I got several calls yesterday from family wishing me a Happy Birthday. I got some Birthday money also, and decided I'd buy a few things with it. I bought two more skeins of yarn, to finish a project I had started for my bedroom. I bought a book, called Making Candles & Soaps for Dummies. I haven't started reading the candle making part yet, but I have read over half of the soap making section, and this book is not what I was looking for at all! In the Soap Making section it only talks about melt and pour ready made soaps and grating store bought bars of soap, who needs a book for that?!? Right? You just melt it in the microwave and pour it in a mold... I was looking for a book to tell me how to make soap from scratch with lye, but this book does not:( So, I am still on the look out for a good soap making book, anyone have any suggestions? I also bought some seeds with my Birthday money. I'm planing on growing a small Urban Garden. We mostly eat Mexican Dishes, so I'm planning on growing mostly a variety of peppers, onions and tomatoes! But here are the seeds that I have bought so far.

  • Sweet Basil
  • Dill - Long Island Mammoth
  • Cilantro - Coriander
  • Parsley - Moss Curled
  • Chives
Cilantro is great for making Pico De Gallo! I love Spanish Rice with jalapenos and Pico De Gallo all mixed together!

  • Pepper - California Wonder (Green Bell Peppers or you can let them ripen to Red Bell Peppers also, for a sweeter taste)
  • Pepper - Grand Bell Mix (Bell Peppers that come in a rainbow of colors, purples, oranges, reds, black, and white)
  • Onions - White Lisbon Bunching
  • Tomato - Delicious
  • Squash - Straightneck Early Yellow
  • Zucchini - Dark green
  • Cucumber - Straight Eight
I plan on getting some more tomato and onion seeds in different varieties. I've also been thinking of getting some dwarf fruit trees also, I haven't really decided on that yet. I'll probably start most of my seeds indoors because they can't be sown outdoors here until April. And I'm so ready to start a garden!!! lol


Jenna said...

I have a soap book, but I'll have to get the name of it later as everyone is still asleep upstairs:)

Your garden sounds like it's going to be wonderful! You'll have to post pictures as it progresses!!!

Mom just got a few seed catalogs in the mail, and we are now eagerly looking through them - I'm so excited for summer, gardening etc! You have inspired me by your garden plans:)

God Bless,

SaChay said...

Oh Thanks Jenna! Does it tell how to make soap from scratch? Thats really what I'm wanting. I want to start out with lard, lye, and water. The most basic soap. I could probably figure that one out myself, but I like to read about things before I try them. I just love to read!

I don't have much land, so my garden will be small. but hopefully it will be abundant for just the two of us! I can't wait for Spring and Summer either!