Thursday, February 19, 2009


Remember the scarf I made?

Last night I decided to make a hat to go along with it.

Wanna see?


Anonymous said...

Hey there!! Long time no talk! I love your new hat! I haven't been blogging much... starting my Melaleuca business again. We need an extra income, and I know how to do the business, so here I go! Anyway, I have moved to Wordpress, so I hope you will keep coming to visit me there! God Bless!

SaChay said...

Hi Karen! I haven't been blogging much lately either, just haven't really had anything to blog about. lol And I've also been trying to keep my home better. Well, I guess thats something I could blog about! lol I have visited your new blog a couple of times, but not as much as I previously did. I'm trying to limit my computer time. Because the computer really has a way of stealing my time! lol I haven't got around to changing the link to your blog on my site yet, I think I''ll do that now! I hope you've been doing great!

Your Sister in Christ,