Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yesterday: Decluttering the Office

This first picture was took right after I had pulled everything out of the closet. I was sorting through things, deciding what to keep, give away, and throw away. I was putting everything into piles, see what a mess I had made.

It was a fun project and it didn't take too long. It took me about an hour to go through everything and put it in its place. Then after that, I spent about thirty minutes on dusting and vacuuming.

I still need to find a home for all those discs and tapes on my desk. I think I'll clean out a drawer in the chest (in the picture below) to put them in. In the top drawer I keep all of our movies, the bottom drawer is full of books. The two middle drawers need to be cleaned out. They contain cords, discs, and computer parts. Its my Husbands stuff, so I should really let him go through them, but I don't ever see that happening! lol

See the basket on my desk? It is full of dog toys! I knew, I had better keep it there until after I took the pictures. Because once it hits the floor, there are toys scattered all over the house!

This stuff is going to good will. A couple of computer printers, a door chime that I bought and never used, a computer chair, and lots of men's clothes.

And all these boxes are going in the trash! We keep boxes too long! We are box hoarders! lol We always keep the boxes in case something tears up, we are afraid to throw them out. Anyone else do this?


Mademoiselle Baudelaire said...

My darling and I keep boxes also, as we are renovating a property and will find them useful for when we move our things again. Other than that, they are great for taking the recycling out, giving things to charity in, putting presents in, shopping, and general clean up when we work on the house!

Waste not want not! So long as it doesn't clutter you out of house and home!

Traci said...

Holy Cow, you motivated me....I'll do it when I get I love the hat also. We will be knitting fools this weekend at the retreat....this is where I learned how to use the looms to knit!!! Have a great weekend!

SaChay said...

I'm glad I motivated someone! lol So far I have made 5 things on the looms. A scarf, hat, runner for my dresser, a pillow, and a washcloth. As soon as I get some more yarn I'll be making another runner for my night stand. I would really like to start something else, but I don't really know what else to make or how to make it. Share what you learn with us, when you get back! Have fun at the retreat!