Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Laundry Cabinet

I caught the organizational bug this morning! I decided to clean out and reorganize my Laundry room cabinets. Here they are before I got started. I also decluttered the dyer too.

Here is the inside, everything is just thrown in. I have painting supplies in one of those grocery bags and screws, washers, bolts, and nuts in the other. It was a very feeble attempt to be organized and have like things together... lol

First, I took everything out of the cabinet, threw away the trash, empty cans, and product packaging. For some reason I always think I need to keep every little package that a product comes with, this only leads to more clutter! I definitely will be working on getting rid of that habit!

Then I sprayed down the entire cabinet with some homemade spray cleaner. I wiped down the top, it was the dirtiest, I had to get a clean towel to use on the rest of the cabinet. Then wiped down the insides, sides, and bottom of the cabinet. I should of taken a pic of this step, didn't think about it. I only took before and after photos.

Then I put everything back inside, I put cleaning supplies on the left and painting supplies on the right. I also have my dishcloths and dish towels in there.... Did you notice I didn't use plastic grocery bags to organize this time? lol

This is the right cabinet with all my paints, wallpaper remover, painting supplies, screws, washers, bolts, and nuts, and I can't forget the dish towels.

Here is the left cabinet. It houses my vacuum bags, swiffer things, cleaning towels, carpet cleaner, fabric softener, dryer sheets, homemade spray cleaner, and my dishcloths.

And here is a picture without the dishcloths and dish towels. I really need to find them a new home, cause the cabinet looks a whole lot better and is more functional without them!


Jenna said...

It is so fulfilling to see the results of time well spent! Looks wonderful, and it feels so good too lol!
I did this to our pantry a couple of weeks ago. I Love organizing!!!

SaChay said...

I like to organize too! It took about 30 minutes to do, and now everything is easily assessable. I still haven't figured out what to do with all my sewing and crafting supplies yet.