Sunday, February 1, 2009


Wow! I can't believe February is already here! One whole month has already passed in this new year! And I still haven't posted any of my goals, I do have them wrote down though.

My Hubby and I just had a funny little conversation. I asked him if he had wrote down any new years goals. He said no, did you? I said I have about two whole pages worth, and we both started laughing. He said I haven't wrote any down but I have them in my head. I asked what they were. He replied, Get my rear motorcycle tire put on, get a raise, get a power commander. A power commander I asked? He said it was something for his motorcycle. We were laughing the whole time.

His goals and my goals are completely different! For instance, I don't consider his goals, goals at all.... I would compare his goals to getting the oil changed in the car, or getting new tires put on. I consider those things necessities. And for the power commander, I'd consider that a want, or something he can just go out and buy.

My goals can be classified in about three different groups. Read... Learn to.... Start doing this..... I did make myself a forth group called Spiritual, but the things under this could also be classified under the other three groups also.

What do you all consider to be goals?


Traci said...

Hey, did you hear my new music....I thought you would like it. The puccini good....

I have goals....more a vision board/journal. I glue pics in of things I want to accomplish...that is how I finally got my house built!!!

SaChay said...

That is some good music, but my all time fave is Hey Little Girl by Dee Clark! Go listen!

Your vision board/journal sounds like a great idea! I've always cut things out of sales papers and magazines that I liked, but I'd always just put them in a drawer or in a book. And most of the time, they'd never get seen again! lol I think I might try out your idea! You should do a post about your current vision board, or even the one you used to get your house built if you still have it!