Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Opportunity for Hospitality

Showing hospitality has really been heavy on my heart for the past month. I have always wanted to be hospitable and have thought about it for a long time. But negative thoughts always crept in. I thought, I can't keep my house clean enough, maybe if I didn't have all these animals, or I don't have enough money to be hospitable. But all of these things were just lies that I let myself believe. The Lord is showing me his truths and is giving me plenty of opportunities to show hospitality. My Husband's boss stayed with us again last night, we had a joyful time and it was a blessing to have him over.


Traci said... is a great plan to keep you from CHAOS...Can't Have Anybody Over Syndrome!!! I love it!!! Have you heard of her before? She has changed my breaking the house into "zones"....I am able to get stuff done and not feel quilty. I hope all is well w/ you....have a great night.

SaChay said...

Actually I signed up for the emails about four years ago. And I just never put my whole heart in it. Eventually I unsubscribed to the emails because there was just too many! Then this past summer I read her first book, I think it was called 'Shinny Sink : 101' And I did great until we moved back into our house. So a couple of weeks ago I signed up for the emails again, but this time I signed up for the one that only sends you one email with the most important stuff in it. I still haven't been doing so well. Maybe I need to read her book again. I think that helped me the most!