Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Little Problem....

I told my friend when she moves back she should go to church with me. Since I have been going to a church that is almost an hour away, I figured that she probably wouldn't want to drive that far. So I told her she could ride with me! Not a big deal, right?

Wrong! I was so excited that she was interested in going to church that I completely forgot everything else! I forgot that I only have a little tiny 2 door car and that the passenger's side door is broke off and permanently closed(until we buy a new door, which we can't afford right now) and that you have to crawl over the console to get to the passenger's side. I forgot that she is six foot tall and pregnant. So I'm sure this would be an almost impossible task for her.

Its all I have been thinking about since I woke up this morning! I've been trying to come up with words all day to try to explain my thoughtlessness. My only problem with telling her is that she'll suggest that she can drive my car. My Husband wouldn't like that at all, and I don't like that idea either. My mother-in-law drove my car once, and that will never happen again.....

How do I nicely tell her this and tell her that my Husband and I don't like other people to drive our car? It is the only car we have right now, and my Husband has to have it daily to get back and forth to work. Is this selfish?

This does remind me of something that happened once before, last January. I was working at the time. There was this girl at work that would borrow my cell phone and take it with her on her lunch break. She'd talk on it between 1-2 hours every time that we worked the same days. Well, I had just got a brand new cell phone. My Husband dared me to let her use it. But I am so kind, and can't say no. I left my phone in my car, in the glove box, the day that I'd knew I was working with her. Her lunch came, she asked me if she could use my phone. I said I didn't have it. She asked where it was. And guess what! I can't lie either! I told her I had left it in the car. She begged me to go get it, so I did. She was standing there holding my cell phone in its case upside down. Before words could come out of my mouth, it slipped out of the case and hit the concrete floor. She broke it, my brand new cell phone. She didn't say sorry. She said, "I hope it still works when you put it back together, cause I can't afford to replace it."

I had to order a new one! And I went a whole month without a phone, waiting on the new one to arrive. Have you ever heard of Cell Withdraw? lol The new one finally arrived! And Guess What! She asked to use it, after all that! I just stood there in disbelief holding my phone starring at her. She asked, "You don't want me to use your phone?" And I stuttered a little no! lol I was almost shaking. Saying no is so hard for me.


Jenna said...

I don't know what I would do in your situation...Pray!
It's great that your friend is interested in going to church!

...With God nothing is impossible... you'll find a way to get her there:)


Karen said...

Hi SaChay! Feeling that way is totally normal. You don't want to hurt her feelings. But if she is a true friend, which it sounds like she is, then she will be OK with what you have to tell her. I had a friend in college who totalled my car. I let her drive it because I didn't want to. She turned to talk to me, and when we turned back to look at the road, a car had stopped at the yellow light and we slammed them. I'm VERY leary of letting others drive my vehicles. Just pray for the right words to say so that you don't hurt her feelings. But I bet it will all work out OK. God will create situations that she will get to Church.

Hope it all works out!

SaChay said...

Thank you for your comments! They really do help!

These two parts have really encouraged me:

From Jenna: ...With God nothing is impossible... you'll find a way to get her there:)

From Karen: God will create situations that she will get to Church.

These make me feel better. And let me know that God is in control, not me! I forget this a lot! And need to be reminded!

I am so thankful for my blog friends! You all are a Blessing to me!