Friday, January 2, 2009


I've got Company coming over sometime within the next few days, I don't know when, but I'd like my house to look presentable. lol My Best Friend since sixth grade is coming over! Six months after we graduated high school she moved to Fayetteville NC to live with her husband. She got married on our Graduation Day, but her husband was stationed over seas, so she stayed here at home for the first six months of her marriage. I only got to see her twice last year(January and July), and only once in 2007(April). So, since I may only see her one or two days out of the year, I'd like my house to look nice. lol

My To Do List
  • Bath Puppy and Cocoa.
  • Wash/Put away all dishes. Rinse/Dry/Put away all pop cans(we recycle). Wipe down counter, stove, sink, and table. (I do this every time I cook, its easy. Sometimes the pop cans get a little out of control. lol)
  • Wipe down bathroom sink, shower, and toilet.
  • Wash, dry, put away all Laundry. (I do this just about daily, I keep it under control.)
  • Tidy house.
  • Organize Craft supplies. (As of right now there all over the house, I'm not for sure what to do with them. I need me a crafting area. Anyone got any ideas?)
  • Take down and store what little Christmas decor I have up. lol
  • Dust all furniture, including sofa and chair.
  • Vacuum all floors.
  • Mop all hard floors.
  • Shampoo a spot on the carpet in the computer room.
  • De clutter.
  • Go through mail and pay bills.


Jenna said...

Wow SaChay! Sounds like you're going to be busy today:)
Have a ~wonderful~ time with your friend!!!
My best friend is coming over today too...I can't wait!!!! I guess we'll both be doing alot of the same things today!


SaChay said...

Have fun with your Best Friend!