Friday, January 2, 2009

Apron Giveaway, Refer Me!

I would like to refer everyone that reads my Blog to go and enter to win a LOVELY apron made by Jenna over at 'My Strength and Song'. She is giving away this BEAUTIFUL apron! She has rules for you to enter the drawing, and she is going to be drawing a winner on January 15! So go on over and visit her blog! And don't forget to refer me, SaChay! Thank you all in advance!


Karen said...

Good morning Sachay!! It's so nice to see more young people reaching out to God and enjoying the vocation He gave to us as homemakers! I am 31 and have 3 children and I have been home for 3 1/2 years with them. It was rough for me at first, but the closer I got to God, the more confident I am as a wife and mother, and the more I love my job!! Great blog!!

SaChay said...

Hi Karen! I've only been staying home being a homemaker since mid July. Before that, I had worked since I was sixteen. And I went to college for 2 years. But going to college always felt like a waste for me, because I always knew I wanted to be a homemaker and have many children. So, for the past six months I have been trying to pursue my TRUE dreams and not do what everyone else thinks I should. My family(Dad, Aunt, Grandma, etc. not my husband)are my biggest critics, they think I should have a career and not children. So this has been a big struggle for me. Thanks for commenting and I will visit your blogs! You should go enter to win the Apron too! Its very pretty!