Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fight the Freedom of Choice Act!

We need to stop the Freedom of Choice Act!
Personally, I don't believe in abortion Murder!


Jenna said...

Amen. It is completely heartbreaking. I LOVE babies, and can't imagine life without them...they are life, GOD created them, so lets not murder the innocent children.
SaChay, you don't know how heated I can get on this subject (not very feminine I know). I can't do much, but trust me, I am praying that this murder will END.

Thank you for posting that.


SaChay said...

You can also add the ad to your page too! The ad is clickable, I didn't know if you knew. You can go there and sign the petition also! Its one more thing we can do other than praying! You can get your whole household to sign the petition!