Thursday, January 8, 2009

Facing the Giants

I just got through watching Facing the Giants with my Husband! It was wonderful! I cried all the way through it! In the beginning of the movie when Brooke was looking at her negative pregnancy test I told my Husband, "Thats how I feel." I feel that my situation is almost exactly the same as Brooke's in the movie. I had no idea that this movie had anything to do with having Children. I thought it was just about football!

I believe God wanted me to watch this movie! It all started when I made the post 'Christian Birthday Gift Ideas'. Jenna suggested getting my brother the movie Facing the Giants. And not even 15 minutes later my aunt called and suggested Facing the Giants! My aunt doesn't read my blog. I took this as a sign from God that I should get my brother the movie Facing the Giants. So, off I went to Walmart to find it. I searched the store high and low and couldn't find it. I went and asked an employee if they had it. They said they didn't know if they still had it or not, but if they did, it would be in the $5 movies at the front of the store. So I made my way back to the front of the store and searched and searched and even had my Husband helping me. They didn't have the movie. Three days later my aunt called me and invited me to her church for a night watches service and said that they would be showing Facing the Giants! I was convinced now that this truly was a sign from God, read my post entitled, 'Signs from God?'. I ended up not watching the movie at the Church, read the comments from 'Church'. I believe this was all for a purpose. I first thought this movie was meant for my brother, but all along it was God bringing this movie to my attention. I believe God wanted me to wait and see this movie with my Husband!

Like I said at the beginning of the post, I had no idea that this movie had anything to do with having children. And just an hour before watching I posted this comment on one of my previous posts.
"My husband and I have been married almost 4 years now, and nothing yet. I've been praying for children since before we got married, the whole time we were dating, and probably before we ever started dating(Can't remember for sure). I was thinking about seeing a doctor on our 4 year anniversary...

Last night, when we went to bed, I asked my husband if we could adopt if we weren't able to have kids. He said of course! He sounded kind of excited about adoption. Then I asked if we could start the adoption process around our 5th anniversary if we hadn't had kids yet. And he said he thinks we should wait.

Our little conversation gave me hope, joy, and peace. It has brought me tears of joy. And then I started thinking, I'd love to adopt even if I had children of my own."

I will still PRAISE and LOVE GOD, no matter if he gives me children or not. But yet, I will still remember that All things are POSSIBLE with God!


Traci said...

That was a beautiful post!!! I will pray for you and hubby. I'm sorry I haven't posted the awards yet.....I've got way too much on my plate right now that I'm not even able to blog...arrrgggh. God's timing is amazing and usually just in the nick of least you know that you have options and children WILL be a part of your future!!! Blessings!!!

SaChay said...

Aww, Traci! Your so sweet! Thank you so much, I would really appreciate your prayers.

I know what you mean, I've been busy too and haven't had much blogging time. I'm gonna try to post a quick one tonight though. About something I read. Dealing with prayer.

Its okay that you haven't posted the awards yet, just do it when ever you get time!

It has been such a blessing to have met you! And you always seem to have such great advice to share! And I absolutely love the Knifty Knitter, I'm glad you told me about it!