Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christian Birthday Gift Ideas

Tomorrow is my Brother's Birthday, he will be 11. I was wondering if anyone had any Christian gift ideas. I want to get him something that will help him to know Christ. I am the only person that encourages him to read the Bible or tells him about God. His only interests seem to be books or games about Harry Potter, Dragons, Wizards and the like. So he really needs something that will get him interested in God.


Jenna said...

Facing the Giants is all I can think of right has a great message, and if you watched it with him, maybe he would be open to talking?


SaChay said...

Thanks Jenna, I'll look for it at Walmart. I'll try to look in the Christian book section too, to see if they have any Christian Fiction books for his age range that he might be interested in. If you think of anything else, please let me know! I'll let you know what I end up getting him!

SaChay said...

Hey Jenna, My Aunt suggested I should get my brother Facing the Giants also! She suggested it probably about 15 minutes after you did! There isn't any coincidences with God, I'm taking this as a sign that I need to get him this movie!

Jenna said...

That is to funny! Don't you love signs from God? It always makes what we're supposed to do so clear!!!

Let me know what you get and how he likes it:)

PurpleHarmony said...

Happy birthday to your brother! You should check out the new Christian Birthday Song at The song has a reggae/calypso beat and is really fun and catchy. Everyone will be singing along the first time the hear it. Kids and adults love it. The song asks you to consider how you will serve, praise, and worship God as you go into another year. You can even do a line dance to it! Check it out at


Traci said...

Yeah, ok, I'm too late but there is a book about how fierce angels are...not really the cute kind we ten to think of.....that might get his attention. My youngest loves the same kinds of stuff....and she loved that book. I found it in the kids section of Mardel's...a Christian store. It might be Angels and Demons.....not sure though.

Thanks for your sweet comments!!!