Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Almost a year ago, at my last pap smear, my doctor tried to force Gardasil on me. I said, "No, this is brand new and I'm not taking anything that hasn't been around long enough to know what it does to your health." And he still tried to force it upon me. Now I know why, The whole series of vaccinations cost a total of $900!!!!! The most expensive vaccine on the market today! I'm against vaccinations, I have seen what they can do! I have a younger cousin that was a perfectly normal child, at his 18 month vaccination he turned for the worst! He could talk, he could walk, he was a smart little child! But now he is 14, he had to relearn to walk, he is still unable to talk or communicate, and shortly after his 18 month vaccination was diagnosed with Autisim. He has to have constant care and a very special diet. I'm glad I didn't let my doctor force Gardasil upon me. My best friend took the first shot and one week later had a miscarriage. I suggest everyone do their research before they put anything harmful and toxic into their bodies.


Traci said...

Same here....I have 3 daughters and I won't let them get the shots. I think they are testing stuff on the public WAY TOO SOON.

I also think on the autism, they need to check into the lead in the many years have our children been sucking on lead filled toys.....notice that it happens not long after they get passed the chewing stage when a lot of autism shows up.

If China is putting lead in the toys and dog food....what do you imagine they are putting into all our MADE IN CHINA dishes.....I'm looking for NON-CHINA products now.

Ok, your diet.....I could NEVER do go girl!!!!

SaChay said...

About a month ago, I heard about some people getting poisoned by toothpaste that was made in China. I also try to stay away from things that are made in China. I've gotten pretty used to the breakfast juice, (6 carrots, 1/2 green pepper) I can drink it down with no problem now. But the one with the carrots, apple, and ginger doesn't go down so well. lol