Monday, December 29, 2008


I am so tired! I've been up and going strong since 8:00 am this morning. But now, I'm completely exhausted!

This morning I got up and decided that my home needed rescued from Christmas! lol I moved all the gifts, put some away, more still need to be put away. And with the busyness of Christmas and family gatherings, sad to say, my home was neglected. So, I washed laundry, picked up around the house, swept, mopped, got the trash together. It looked pretty good!

Then my Dad came over to help me put up some paneling in the living room. First we had to remove trim, some loose wallpaper, and take down the old paneling. We had to remove any protruding nails, so they wouldn't damage the new paneling. We had to measure, mark, and cut it to fit. My Dad gave me the job of packing all the paneling up the stairs, it took me quite a few minutes because I carried one piece at a time. Thats all I could handle. We worked on it for about 4 hours, I feel we didn't get much accomplished. After he left, I removed nails from the old paneling and trim and packed them to my basement. I'm saving all my old stuff for my Grandpa, he is fixing up his house. I already gave him some laminate flooring, from a couple months ago when we refinished the hardwood floors that were underneath. But all that work, made another huge mess that I have yet to clean up. I'm so tired I think I'll just wait till tomorrow to finish cleaning it up.

I also worked on my scarf today, I've got a total of about 4 foot so far. Hopefully I'll get it finished up tomorrow! I can't wait to start making something else!


Traci said...

Let's see some pictures.....

Did you see on my sidebar about the declutter and organizing party? Make sure you join it....I figure it will motivate me to DO SOMETHING w/ this

SaChay said...

The living room looks so bad right now that I'm afraid to put up pictures!!! lol But I'll try to put up pics of the scarf tomorrow! And I'll put up before and after pictures of the living room, once it is complete!

I went and joined the party also! Thanks for sharing! Have you done any other projects on your Kinfty Knitter besides the Prayer Shawl for your mother?