Tuesday, December 16, 2008


  • I've been thinking about going dresses only for about a year now. I'm still undecided.
  • Tonight we had a cold dinner. Tuna Sandwiches and Salad with Ranch Dressing. Very Yummy!
  • I've been reading on several blogs and websites, that Christmas may not be Christian. I must do some research and check into this!
  • I've Wrapped a lot of presents today!!! I'm tired of wrapping! Lol
  • My Dad is supposed to come help me put some paneling up in the morning.
  • I haven't decorated for Christmas yet. If my living room gets finished by Christmas, then I'll decorate.
  • I must cook for my Husband's Company Christmas Party. He asked me to make Potato Chip Chicken Casserole. They usually throw a Big party and give away like a hundred presents, nice presents like several large flat panel TVs, Wii Game consoles, $100 gift cards for different places. They usually have it catered and rent a fancy building. But this year they canceled the building and the catering, they have laid off employees, and cut some peoples pay, because of the economy situation. So this year everyone is bringing food and just getting together.
  • I wish I could just sit down and read the whole Bible in one night, I want all that knowledge! I want to know everything about living for Christ! My Journey seems to be going so slow, and I feel like I know nothing!
  • I've been reading my Bible very regularly since August. I try to read it everyday, but some days it just slips my mind.
  • I haven't been to a church in about 2 years. But I do try to study and discuss the Bible with other Christians.
  • I've been thinking about getting back into church a lot here lately. I've been thinking about visiting a church that my aunt Lorrie and her husband Danny missions at. I've also been thinking of attending my Uncle Leslie's Church.
  • My Uncle Leslie married my Husband and I.
  • Just some randomness...... lol

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