Friday, December 5, 2008

Lifestyle Changes

I have been reading a lot of information from recently. I was wanting to try his nutrition plan. So the past week I have been trying to implement some of his advice. In phase one of his nutrition plan you are supposed to cut back or totally eliminate grains and sugars if you are over weight or have certain health problems such as high blood pressure. He also suggests organic and free-range foods.

This past week I bought my eggs from a local farmer. But as I kept reading articles on I keep questioning myself if this was a good step in the right direction or not? Was the chickens that laid the eggs free-range chickens? Or where they pinned up in cages? Were they grass-fed? Or were they fed grains? I don't know, but I sure hope they were healthier than store bought eggs.

I have also been trying to cut back on my grain and sugar intake. This wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. One example, I wrapped my burger in lettuce instead of putting it on a bun.I'm not going to completely eliminate grains and sugars from my diet, I'm just not going to eat them everyday.

I've also been taking one tablespoon of coconut oil daily. Coconut oil is a really healthy oil. You can use it instead of all other cooking oils, lard and butter. You can use it on your skin. And it has tons of health benefits, you can google it and find out for yourselves!

I'm also trying to incorporate more fresh veggies into my diet. I would love to buy organic but it just won't fit our budget right now. At our local stores, organic costs double or more than regular produce. And the meat is about quadruple. Hopefully we'll be able to afford it in the near future, God willing. But even if we could, I don't know if I would be willing to pay that much.

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