Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bad Couple of Days

It seems like when one thing goes wrong, everything else follows!

  • First thing yesterday morning, Puppy got Hubby's Wedding Ring off the night stand and dropped it down our gas floor furnace. Still haven't found it.
  • We were excited, Yay! We got the check for the rest of our insurance money, now we can finish the house!!! But now we are bummed because we can't get the check signed and cashed because our loan was sold:( Now we have to start all back over and have our insurance agent send a new check made out to us and our new mortgage company. And we'll probably get the money sometime within the next two months:( Our poor House!!! Its sad that our mortgage company would sell our loan right in the middle of an insurance claim, as if things wasn't already hard enough.....
  • I went to the store for one item, came back with over $50 worth of stuff.....
  • Vacuum Cleaner started making a weird noise, I hope it doesn't tear up any time soon.
  • I got a terrible headache that lasted for hours.
  • Some how I cut my foot, don't know how but it hurts....
  • Puppy busted my bottom lip on accident, he head butted me... lol
  • I feel so lazy today, I haven't gotten anything done:(
Hopefully tomorrow will be better! If it isn't I'll just have to pretend it is! Sorry about my whinny blog today.... I'm gonna go read some from my bible and try to get a few things done.


Jenna said...

Ohhhh! I am praying for you:) Hope that things go a little better today!
I have also found that spending some time with the Lord helps so much when things just seem to be going "wrong"...Philippians 4:6

God bless you~

SaChay said...

Thank you Jenna!