Saturday, January 10, 2009


I got to go to the sewing class, that I have been trying to attend for the past month. They have the sewing classes on Wednesdays and Fridays at a community center close to where my Aunt Lorrie lives. But if someone else wants to rent the community center for birthday parties, etc. on a sewing day, they just cancel the sewing class. That has been mostly the cause for the reason that I hadn't been able to attend this past month. The class got canceled because of parties and once because of the death of a church member of the sewing teacher and my Aunt also knew this person. And I can't attend on Wednesdays because its either Church or the Sewing Class. And I don't want to put the Sewing Class before God. If I lived closer I might be able to do both. But I have to drive an hour to the Church that I have been attending. And the Sewing Class is about forty minutes away.

I got started making a really cute apron, didn't get very far... She said that she'd teach me how to read a pattern the next time I came back. Hopefully I won't be waiting another month... lol

But I can make things on my own without reading a pattern, I want to attend the class just so I can learn to read a pattern and make more stuff! lol So I went and bought some fabric and I plan on making some simple aprons on my own without a pattern, for a little practice before the next class. I think there are parties booked for the next two Fridays. The teacher mentioned that she might be able to meet with a couple people on some Satudays, we'll see if that turns out.


Karen said...

If it's meant to be SaChay, God will clear the way. That's what Mother
Angelica tells us. When it's meant to happen it will. We just have to have patience! Is there a fabric store around that has classes? I'm assuming you're in a pretty rural area being that you're so far away from everything?

SaChay said...

Actually, I live in the city, not a real big city, about a population of 8,000. We don't have any Fabric stores, the only place that carries fabric is Walmart. And they carry a very limited selection.

And I've visited several churches around here, and couldn't find one that fit me. Until my aunt invited me to a mission church that her husband is helping with. And I absolutely fell in love with this church! I fit right in! You just know when it is right. This church is kinda out in the country, and I'm more of a country girl! lol

We just moved here about two years ago, Feb. 16 will make two years exactly! And to tell you the truth, I want out so bad! I want to move back to the country! I want some acreage! I want to run me a little farm! We have no land what so ever! Just what our house is sitting on! I haven't had to mow grass in over two years! I never get out of the house anymore! There is no yard, nothing to do! lol And worst of all, my Husband Loves it! He is so close to his job now, it takes him less than 5 minutes to get to work. And he says if we ever move again, he wants to live right beside his workplace! lol

So this leads me to a goal for this year! lol To earn and save some money, to buy me some land. And then to coax my Husband away from here! lol