Thursday, August 20, 2009

College and Opinions

This week has been so busy! And I'm sure there will be plenty more. I started school back this past Tuesday after taking a year off. I have been swamped with homework every since. I was so tired Tuesday that I fell asleep at 6pm and slept till 10:30 am the next morning!

My classes are College Algebra, Psychology, Sociology, and English. I took all in class classes, instead of taking online classes, because I just learn better that way. And guess what! In two of my classes you go to class for your lectures and demonstrations, but all your assignments are given online.

Yesterday I worked on homework all day long. I started regretting going back, wondering if it is really worthwhile....

I would like to hear your opinions. What do you all think about getting a college education? What do you think about using your education for benefit at home? Do you think it even benefits your home life?


Mrs. Julie Fink said...

i think getting a college education (if it is a Christian one) is a wonderful "next step" to preparing you for marriage and motherhood. why do i think this? because i believe . . . in our culture . . . that it gives you the time to grow up a little, to become settled in your interests and personal beliefs, to meet other young people of like faith and i believe it affords you a safe area to have fun and find God's will for a mate.

of course, this is just what i think . . . it is not what the Bible specifically says . . . :).

SaChay said...

Sad to say its not a Christian Education at all. Some of my teachers are quite the feminist.... I'll have to work hard at not being brain washed..... I go to our local Community College, can't afford the Christian College right next to it. I wouldn't call the Christian College Christian at all!!! Its very worldly and their religion classes question Christianity.

Jenna said...

I think that it depends on everyones situation...questions to ask yourself are: What are you going for? Is it going to help you with what God has called you too?

My brother thinks that it is possible to go without college, but going would help you.

I personally don't feel that God is leading me to attend a college, but instead serve moms and community ministries until the Lord leads me somewhere else...

Go into it with lots and lots of prayer! Don't be swayed by the world's thoughts and ways.
Praying for you,

Traci said...

Hey girl!! I have a college degree and don't use it anymore. I was in education and I felt like it did NOTHING to prepare me to teach. I did take some great classes and am glad I did. I just know that an education/degree does help out in the pay scale if you ever need to be in the work for pay world. I think I would like to take classes in the creative areas and not worry about whether it gives me a diploma or not....but, I can say that because I already have my degree. As far as using it at home, I think I would have done well either way w/ the degree I have. I do know that you are going to meet people that are going to look down on you for wanting the traditional wife very prepared for that.

Good luck and enjoy psychology...I LOVE that class!!!

SaChay said...

Traci, You are using your degree!!!! lol Your home schooling!!!

I have already been bombarded with people who look down on me for staying at home and not working. These people aren't quite either, they criticize me every chance they get and they always have lots of jobs in mind they think I should apply for. lol And the sad thing is, its family!

I do have supportive people in my life also. My husband, My Mom (whom wishes she could stay at home), one aunt(who stays at home and home schools her three children), and my best friend(whom stays at home and her first baby is due any day now).

SaChay said...

I love the feedback I'm getting! All of these Opinions on College!