Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Whole New Outlook

Yesterday was awesome! I repainted the section of the ceiling that I done a horrible job on and put a second coat on the wood around the edges of the ceiling. It looks great! Then I got ready and went to the grocery store, I was in and out pretty quick. But I still didn't get finished in time to go to sewing class. I came home and fixed dinner, we had potato chip chicken casserole, twice baked potatoes, and rolls. It was delicious! While sitting and enjoying my dinner I kept thinking about the living room. Thinking about the trim that goes around the top of the ceiling. Thinking, I want to hurry up and get this done!!! lol So, after dinner I decided I didn't want to wait on anyone to help me, its untelling when someone would actually get the time. I decided to do it on my own. And guess what?! I did a pretty good job, and it wasn't near as hard as I thought it would be. I thought that I would need an extra person to hold the opposite end of the trim, because I had some pieces 12 and 14 foot long. But I discovered one person could do it just fine!

I have been letting fear hold me back from doing so many things. First it was sewing. I used to sew, but hadn't in four years and was fearful to start back. But I did, at the beginning of this year! And I absolutely love it! It has become my hobby now and small cottage business! And then painting! I had never painted in my life until this week, because I feared the way it would turn out. I now know that when I become fearful of something new, thinking I just can't do it! That I need to go ahead and try, cause you might just be surprised about how it turns out! You never know where trying something new might take you! I just wanted to paint the ceiling and now I'm doing carpentry work!!! lol

I don't have all that much left to do now. I just have to cut and put up the corner pieces and then paint. Yesterday it seemed like I'd never get finished, but I have a whole new outlook today!

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