Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today has been a busy day. I got up early this morning and went to school. I had some free time at around noon and came home for a quick lunch and then headed back to school until 3:00. I was now home bound again, but not free from the school work!!! lol My mom came over and I helped her with her homework. I was the one that talked her into going back to school, so I see it as part of my duty to help her succeed. She went back to school for her last class of the day at about 6:00 and arrived back here for more help at about 8:30. I made us all Vegetable Spaghetti for dinner and we ate while working away. She finished up her work a little after 10:00 and left for home. I'm so happy she is going back to school and I can't wait till she gets a hang of things! lol Its just after helping her for so long, I kind of get burned out on homework and I also have to find time to squeeze mine in. Hopefully, soon, she will gain more confidence in her ability and be a little more independent.

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