Friday, August 7, 2009

Slow Day Yesterday, Still Lots To Do Today

I worked on the living room all day yesterday, but didn't get very much accomplished. I got most of the baseboards put down, except in one corner by the door. We haven't got any flooring put down right there yet. We still have to lay tile there. The base boards still need painting.....

I think I was slower yesterday because my arms were so tired and sore from all the sawing. Its a hand saw, not a power saw... lol I still need to put up the trim around the top of the ceiling, but I don't know when I'll get around to that. Maybe I'll wait and ask my Dad or someone to help me with that.

So, this is what I'm planning on doing today. There is one section of the ceiling that needs repainted cause I did a horrible job. I don't know what happened there, the rest of the ceiling looks great! And the wood around the edges of the ceiling needs a second coat! So, if I get all that done in time I'm planning on going to sewing class and getting some help making a set of curtains for my living room window! And I really need to go grocery shopping too! I hope I can fit all of these things into my day!

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