Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tables and Swimming

Yesterday morning, I swept and mopped and then we started putting the tables together. First we put an end table together and I dusted the Styrofoam off. Then we opened up the box the sofa table was in and pulled it out, and it was busted.... So, we moved on to putting the coffee table together and it was fine. I then called the furniture store and told them it was busted and they promptly ordered us a new one, and it is supposed to be there today. My other end table is supposed to be there today also, so that works out great!

Yesterday afternoon, I returned my mother-in-law's weed eater that we borrowed. While I was there she asked me to get in the pool with her. I was kind of hesitant, I told her maybe after my brother-in-law left for work I would. But she keep persisting, so I agreed. It had been about 3 years since I had been in a pool. I wore a shirt and shorts with a swimsuit underneath, and wrapped a towel around my legs while walking to the pool. And even though I wore a shirt and shorts in the pool I felt so uncomfortable and naked.... I did have fun, I just felt like my normal level of modesty wasn't there. Maybe I should buy a pair of coolots for swimming?

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Jenna said...

I understand the feeling;) Since I don't have a swim suit (and haven't made one) I just wear a colored shirt and a pair of my brothers shorts...I'm sure I look like I just came out of a ship wreck lol, but it works!!