Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pretty Good, Pretty Bad

Yesterday went well. It rained all day so I couldn't pick up my tables, I called to let them know and guess what.... All four of them arrived together instead of two yesterday and two Saturday. We are supposed to be picking them up today.

Yesterday was my first time painting. It took me all day long, until after midnight, but I got a lot accomplished. I got the trim, front door, and the majority of the ceiling painted. It looks pretty good! I painted them all Brilliant White, the living room looks so much brighter now! I didn't have a ladder, so I couldn't get around the edges of the ceiling or the corners between the beams and the ceiling. My Step Dad is supposed to be bring me a ladder today, so I can finish up!

I woke up about 6ish this morning from a bad nightmare, and it is still bothering me pretty bad. So please pray for me about this! Thank you all for reading my blog and attending to my prayer requests!


~bakinghomesteader~ said...

Dreams can be bad and seem so real. What I do is whoever was in that dream is who I feel like God wants me to pray for. No matter the content of the dream. Try it. :) It will make you feel better.

SaChay said...

I prayed all through out the day yesterday about the content of the dream, but not just for the person. So thank you for the Godly advice, I just said a little special prayer for them.

Jenna said...

Praying for you SaChay! Are you feeling better about the dream today?

You are so busy! Good for you to get those projects done (painting etc.), it always feels so refreshing;)

God Bless,

SaChay said...

Thank you Jenna! Yeah, I'm feeling much better about the dream, prayer helps! lol
It does feel refreshing!!! But it also feels like it is taking forever! lol